HR intern Marikka Silvonen describes Sipoo as fresh and feels her internship has cemented, that her choice of career was indeed right

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Kristian Meurman

Whole processes

As in most of the work environments in the Municipality of Sipoo, also the HR section aims at providing a look-out post for interns and a possibility to participate in the entity of processes. For HR intern Marikka Silvonen, this has meant being a part of the recruiting process all the way from writing the application text to actually employing.

-It has been great to be a part of the job interviews and in making preliminary arrangements for employment, Marikka Silvonen says.

The municipality sector is a very multifaceted employer

One of the most important missions for the HR Section, is to seek and recruit the workforce that the municipality needs, and this process begins with publishing the information about open positions.

-There are an incredible number of different position titles in the national municipal recruiting portal, when looking at it, you can really see how vast the municipal sector is, Silvonen says.

The municipality employs many different experts, from teachers to health nurses and from park area caretakers to IT specialists.

-It has been extra rewarding to participate in recruiting processes, where for instance high profile leaders or medical doctors have been employed. Luckily, all expert questions are at the discretion of supervisors, but I have learned to trust my own intuition too, for instance in interpreting what a certain sentence from the interviewee actually means in an interview situation, Silvonen describes.

Her own handprint also in the upcoming staff strategy

As an intern, Silvonen has gained access to all HR functions and been made a part of the team in several ways. Through this, she was also part of the planning group together with municipal officials for the future staff strategy for the Municipality of Sipoo.

-We experimented in small groups with three different strategy options, that was very interesting, Silvonen tells.

I am in the right field!

Silvonen describes, that the internship in Sipoo has clarified her feeling about her choice of career and direction in her studies.

-During my internship, I have been able to make use of many things I have learned at school, this in turn has amplified my vision, that I really am in the right field, the Municipality of Sipoo’s HR intern, who also studies work environment development besides her main subject, community pedagogics, at the Humanistic University of Applied Sciences.

Gain for both the municipality and the intern herself

In the recruiting processes for the Municipality of Sipoo, Marikka Silvonen appreciates, that the choice of intern is not based for instance on best scores or how far a student has completed his/her studies.

-When the Municipality of Sipoo employs, the choice of person for an internship is based on mutual gain. This internship of mine is also a part of my studies, therefore from the municipality’s point of view, it was seen how big a benefit this internship would be for me. I appreciate this very much, because the municipality could easily have just chosen someone who just finished his/her studies, or at least a student who would have progressed further in his/her studies. But here in Sipoo things are seen differently – also the intern should gain as much as possible from his/her own internship period, Silvonen explains.

The Municipality of Sipoo is fresh, diverse and warm

When asked how she would describe the Municipality of Sipoo as a workplace, Silvonen’s first choice of word is: fresh.

-I can’t really open that up more, but all information is somehow so easily accessible for instance through the intranet, or the administrative regulations and the layout of the intranet system is somehow very pleasant. And I love it how there can be experts with over 30 years of work experience, who welcome a newcomer like me. This is a small community, but very warm and caring, Marikka Silvonen describes.

I have previously been employed at another municipality, and compared to Sipoo, it feels somewhat old fashioned now, Silvonen says.

-In Sipoo, the municipality is evolving, which can be seen in the development of the work positions and the functions, all in all, Sipoo seems very willing to renew, Marikka Silvonen describes.

Summer has gone by in terms of working, but soon it is time for vacation

The Municipality of Sipoo’s HR intern Marikka Silvonen has not benefited of the warm summer days during the weeks, but when the internship is over, there will be a three-week vacation, before returning to her studies.

-It does feel needed, I benefited of one prolonged weekend during the summer, when we celebrated both my birthday and the birthday of one of my relatives, whose festivities had already been postponed five times, due to the corona virus, Silvonen laughs.

The best thing is that the intern’s opinion is appreciated, and the only defect is restrictions due to the corona virus

-Although I have been an intern, I have experienced that my opinion has been appreciated and my sayings have mattered in different situations, this has been very gratifying. The only thing I have missed a little, is the feeling of working together and seeing people face-to-face, but this has been a reality everywhere now due to the corona virus, Silvonen says.

Otherwise, the opportunity to work from a distance gains praise too. Because Silvonen lives in Helsinki and does not own a car, the opportunity to work from home has been a good surplus.

-But, on the other hand, contrary to original plans, I have had the opportunity to use a car during this summer, so I have enjoyed coming into the office to work at times too, Silvonen tells.

Students: don’t lose your faith with your applications and dare to look farther

As somewhat of an expert in recruiting processes already now, Silvonen knows, that some of the most popular internship positions for instance in the capital area, can have incredibly many applications. Even if an internship position would not be available close by, you’d better not lose faith and even if you have to send several applications, you will eventually find your spot.

-I have experienced as an applicant myself, that for instance for some internship possibility in Helsinki there were over 120 applications for just one vacancy. But there is nothing forcing you to get your internship position in Helsinki, I had a friend who hinted me about this position in Sipoo and I have learned, that it is worth the effort to look a little farther and also send applications for positions you might think that are beyond your reach – you might end up with a happy surprise, Silvonen tips.

Studies go on, but Sipoo is not forgotten

When inquired about work possibilities and whether Silvonen could imagine working in the municipal sector in the future, the answer comes like out of the barrel of a gun:

-Absolutely! I could easily see myself in Sipoo or some other municipality. I have learned that it is definitely not a must to live and work within the same city or municipality. On the other hand, I could easily see myself also living in Sipoo, The Municipality of Sipoo’s HR intern for the summer of 2021 Marikka Silvonen concludes.


Last modified 09.08.2021