Business Sipoo presents Sipoo based entrepreneurs during Summer 2021

During the Summer of 2021, the municipal entrepreneur and business services – Business Sipoo – is working closely with local business owners and entrepreneurs to promote Sipoo based services to community residents.

Articles in Finnish and Swedish with summary in English

Throughout the summer, the information services intern Kristian Meurman will be interviewing selected business owners and entrepreneurs and writing articles based on these meetings. A total of 15 businesses were selected out of the 23 applicants, who were encouraged to contact the municipality by an advertisment on social medias. The choice of businesses to be presented was made by Meurman, Director of Business Services Elina Duréault and Business Coordinator Anne Peltonen. Emphasis was on local service and the entrepreneur and/or the business had to be registered and be functional mainly within the Sipoo municipality.

A summary article on these businesses will be available in mid-August on the Sipoo municipality official website.

Business Sipoo is a branch of the Municipality of Sipoo specialised in endorsing business opportunities and offering entrepreneurial services for Sipoo based businesses.

Last modified 28.06.2021