Accessibility statement

The Act on the Provision of Digital Services obliges the public sector to abide by the requirements of the European Union’s accessibility directive. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) make up a set of internationally recognised guidelines on the accessibility of web content. According to the Act, websites and applications must fulfil the criteria on Level A and Level AA in the WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

Accessible digital services are easy to use for all users, including the elderly and people with different kinds of functional abilities. When accessibility has been implemented, as many people as possible can use digital services independently.

This accessibility statement applies to the Sipoo municipality’s online service The municipality of Sipoo strives to guarantee the accessibility of the online service as required by law (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG, 2.1).

Website Accessibility Statement

The municipality of Sipoo website does not meet the applicable accessibility requirements in all parts. An updated version of the website was published on December 8, 2020. A third party audited the accessibility of the online services in December 2020. Some exceptions to the intended accessibility level were found. These have been assessed and they will be repaired in 2021. As far as municipal documents are concerned, the accessibility work will continue in the year 2021.

Textual contents in the municipality of Sipoo website are mainly produced in the national Data Exchange Layer and integrated to (combined with) the online service You will find all of the municipality of Sipoo services and available ways of conducting errands in an accessible format on the website

When necessary, you may also ask for files and documents in an accessible format by writing an email message to the address

Further Details on Technical Accessibility Aspects

The following contents and functions on the website are not yet accessible:

  • Pop-up Chat on all of the website subpages.
  • Some visual elements do not scale neatly when text only is enlarged to 200% (for example links where the text is on a green-tone background).
  • Some of the link buttons have inadequate colour contrast. Especially the tones of green colour have a contrast difference of only 1.8:1. Consequently, the user may have difficulties in distinguishing links from the background.
  • Breadcrumb navigation is not descriptive enough. Due to the website structure, the breadcrumbs are not linear.
  • HTML5 or WAI-ARIA landmarks on the website do not cover all contents, as the website is built with div elements.

Did you notice a lack of accessibility in our online service?

You can give us feedback on the accessibility of the online service. You can contact us in the following ways:

  • By providing anonymous feedback (messages sent through this feedback channel will not be answered).
  • By submitting a contact request in the My Services.
  • By e-mail
  • Post Municipality of Sipoo, PO Box 7, 04131 SIPOO