My Services is the municipality of Sipoo’s online errand service. Available 24/7, it contains all the services that Sipoo can offer online. In My Services, you can run all of your online errands with the municipality, follow up with how your errand is processed, make contact with the municipality, make service requests, send messages and read messages sent to you.


We develop My Services constantly. New functions are introduced directly as soon as they are ready for use. Gradually, you will be able to take care of most of your errands via My Services and use the service whenever it suits you best.

Help and Support for My Services

If you need help and support in using My Services, you can contact the municipality service points SipooInfo in Nikkilä and SipooInfo in Söderkulla during their opening hours. You can also give us a ring at 09 2353 6000 or pose your question in our chat. Our customer service does not have access to your information if you choose to do your business with the municipality by telephone or chat. This is due to data security issues. There are also public computers in both SipooInfo facilities. They can be used free of charge.

Identification Failed?

Identification via Suomi.fi may be temporarily unavailable. When this happens, it may not be possible to use My Services either. Please try again later. For optimal results, please make sure to attempt login on the errand service site itself, not via webpage addresses in your bookmarks or by using your browser history.

You can also try these common techniques if the registration fails:

  • Clear the browsing data (cache memory) in your web browser and try to log in again.
  • Change browsers and try to log in again.
  • Use another computer or mobile device and try to log in again.

It is also possible that your data security settings or your browser add-ons prevent you from logging in. Identification is neither possible if your device or browser version is outdated and therefore no longer data secure.

Why Is Identification Necessary?

Use of the errand service My Services requires strong electronic identification. To do this, you will be transferred to Suomi.fi e-Identification service. After identification with an online banking ID, a mobile ID, or a certificate card for e-Identification, you can return to the errand service by clicking the “My Services” button.

Thanks to the identification, we know who you are. That enables us to offer you tailor-made service that meets your needs precisely. As an identified customer, you can also be sure that any information you give us about your errand is safely transferred and saved in your own My Services account. If you leave a contact request, the identification enables us to answer you personally. This applies also when you give feedback.  Identification is also necessary to make sure that no-one can steal your identity. We want you to be able to run your errands with the municipality of Sipoo as safely and easily as possible.

Why Do You Ask for my E-Mail Address?

We will send you e-mail whenever you have an unread message in My Services. Thus, you will always be informed when you need to log in into the services. These e-mail notifications do not contain personal data or information about your errands with the municipality.

Data Security and Data Protection

My Services is safe to use. The messages and errand information you send to us via My Services are not visible to outsiders. Please notice that the municipality of Sipoo never asks for your bank codes, passwords, credit card number or other identifiers by telephone, e-mail, post or by any other means.

If you use a public computer that even others have access to (for example those in SipooInfo), make sure to sign out of all programs and services when you are finished. Remember also to clear any browsing data (cache memory) in the web browser. This means that you erase all temporary internet files and information about the web pages you have visited. For instructions as how to clear the memory and browsing data, consult the manual for your web browser, alternatively write for example “clear browsing data” in the browser’s search field.

Whenever you run your municipal errands with us or visit any other of the municipality of Sipoo services, we collect your personal data only to the extent necessary for taking care of your errands. We always have a legal basis for processing your personal data. Personal data is not transferred to other parties by other than legal basis. You have the right to receive confirmation on whether or not we are processing your personal data. You have also the right to be informed of the categories of personal data being processed, and you have the right to demand rectification of inaccurate personal data concerning you.

Terms and conditions of the online services

1 General

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to web-based online services (“Service”) owned by the municipality of Sipoo, business identity code 0203533-8. The Service enables the service users (“User”) to save information and material about themselves in the Service and to access information and material saved in the Service by the municipality of Sipoo, its partners and other third parties.

The municipality of Sipoo has the right to change these Terms by notifying the User. By continuing to use the Service after such notification, the User accepts the changed terms.

2 Access to the Service

When the User has accepted these Terms, the municipality of Sipoo will grant the User restricted rights to use the Service for personal, non-commercial purposes.

The devices and connections (such as a mobile network or an internet connection) required to use the Service are not part of the municipality of Sipoo’s service. The User is responsible for acquiring, maintaining, and updating these devices or connections and for the costs incurred in so doing. Responsibility for the data security of the devices, programmes and telecommunications networks used rests with the User.

3 Identification

Use of the Service requires identification with an online banking ID, a certificate card for e-Identification, or a mobile ID. The User is responsible for storing their online banking ID or mobile ID and for ensuring that no-one other than the User can log in to the Service using the User’s online banking ID or mobile ID.

After logging in and using the Service, the User must always end the session by logging out.

4 Fees

Use of the Service is free of charge for the User.

5 Data entered into the Service

In certain sections of the Service, data can be entered into the Service. The User is responsible for ensuring that the data the User enters into the Service is correct and appropriate.

The Service may contain connections or links to sites and e-services owned or operated by partners of the municipality of Sipoo or other third parties. The Service may also include content, products and services owned by third parties. The municipality of Sipoo is not responsible for the content, links, products, or services offered by third parties, or the functionality of the links.

6 Data protection and personal data

The municipality of Sipoo collects personal data that the User has entered into the Service, as well as data on the use of the Service, in a personal data registry (Municipality of Sipoo client registry). Municipality of Sipoo Privacy Statement applies to data processing, privacy protection and personal data protection. By accepting these Terms, the User confirms that they have read and accepted these Terms and the Privacy Statement.

7 Intellectual property rights

The intellectual property rights to the Service and to all material contained in the Service belong to the municipality of Sipoo or to a third party.

No intellectual property rights will be conferred to the User as a result of using the Service or uploading material into the Service. The User’s right to use the service is limited to personal use.

The User is responsible for any harm caused to service providers or to a third party resulting from use of the Service and its contents in contravention of these Terms, the relevant legislation, official regulations or good practice. Liability for compensation for copyright violation is stipulated in Chapter 7 of the Finnish Copyright Act (1961/404) and criminal liability in Chapter 7 of the Finnish Copyright Act and Chapter 49 of The Criminal Code of Finland (39/1889).

8 Providing the Service

In principle, the Service is available to the User 24/7.  The municipality of Sipoo has the right to produce the Service as it considers appropriate. The municipality of Sipoo reserves the right to change the Service at any time and for any reason without prior notice. However, the municipality of Sipoo will seek to notify Users within a reasonable time in advance of any essential changes that may significantly affect the use of the Service. Notification of a change on the home page of the Service is considered a notification of a change.

The municipality of Sipoo has the right to discontinue the use of the Service partly, totally or for an individual User. The municipality of Sipoo will seek to ensure that any service breaks are as short as possible. Where possible, the municipality of Sipoo will try to notify Users within a reasonable time in advance about service breaks and discontinuation.

9 The Municipality of Sipoo’s Responsibility

The municipality of Sipoo maintains the Service and produces part of its content. The Service also contains and provides access to content and services produced by the municipality of Sipoo’s partners and other third parties. Each partner or other third party is responsible for their own content and services.

The municipality of Sipoo does not guarantee that the Service will function without breaks or errors. The municipality of Sipoo is not responsible for the validity, accuracy, completeness or reliability of the material or for the contents or other features of the products or services available in the Service or provided via the Service.

The municipality of Sipoo is not responsible for direct or indirect harm caused by use of the Service or for changes to, or disappearance of, information uploaded to the Service, or for service breaks or problems in the Service.

10 Applicable legislation and arbitration

Finnish law is applicable to these Terms. Any disputes that may arise about these Terms will be resolved primarily through arbitration. If this fails, the matter will be referred to the District Court of Eastern Finland (Itä-Uudenmaan käräjäoikeus) as the first judicial instance in other than copyright matters. Matters relating to copyright will be referred to The Market Court as first judicial instance.

11 Contact us

If you have any questions about these Terms, you can email us at info@sibbo.fi