The Sipoo river

The peacefully flowing Sipoo river provides a beautiful paddling route amidst field sceneries. Because of the slow pace of the water the river with its delta is also a great place for SUP boards.

In total Sipoo river is 40 kilometers long. The streamlike upper end of the river is surrounded by dense forests, but mainly the river flows through a landscape of fields. The river also has eight side streams. The river is a part of the Natura protection area and it is the home for naturally breeding sea trouts. The river delta ends at the long and narrow Bay of Sipoo.

There are a few rapids and rapid like sections throughout the river. The biggest rapids are in Paippinen in the area of Hommanäs. Some rapid sections can also be found below the Broböle dam.

You can rent a canoe or a SUP board for instance at Joensuun tila, situated in the river delta. Inquiries by e-mail:

Pictures: Suvi Suovaara