Joensuun tila is an oasis for travellers

A family business with a long history

In charge of Joensuun tila is Lotta Kuosmanen, whose family has owned the estate for generations. Lotta Kuosmanen’s great grandfather, Nobel prize winner A.I. Virtanen purchased the estate in the 1930’s. Originally, the estate was a traditional farming estate, but Lotta Kuosmanen’s father, Martti Virtanen begun the transformation from farm to travel and amusement services. The estate now offers services for day guests and long-term residents alike. Lotta Kuosmanen continues in her father’s footsteps and has continued to evolve the services to better suit the needs of modern-day travellers.

A camper’s paradise

The caravan park is spread over a vast area and houses 40 spots, of which 32 are electrified. Most of the Joensuun tila camper van and trailer guests are long-term residents, but there are quite a few spots that can be reserved for just one or a few nights. However, since the caravan park is quite popular, it might be a good idea to telephone in advance to make sure there is a free spot waiting for one’s arrival.

Private sauna, laundry room, kitchenette and children’s playground

The services for campers are many: you can book a barrel shaped sauna for your private use for a very modest fee, and in addition you can benefit from the laundry room and kitchen area, which are at your disposal for the price of your overnight spot. In addition to a washer, there is also a dryer and in the kitchen facility you can cook simple meals, if you want. There is a table-top stove, a microwave oven, a toaster and a coffee maker.

Tents are welcome too

If you do not have your own residential vehicle or trailer, you can also camp in a tent. For bigger tents you can even opt for a spot with electricity, should there be any of these available.

Joensuun tila's caravan park.
There is a total of 40 spots for campers, of which 32 are supplied with electricity. Camping is also allowed for a small fee. All campers can benefit from a variety of services. Residential vehicle and trailer spots are rentable both with long-term agreements and for single night stays.

Hotel accommodations and restaurant services through co-operation

The company behind the Joensuun tila estate, Joensuun Tila Oy, also functions as a landlord for the vast area’s other operators, to which are included Villa Sibbe and Musical Children’s Day Care Center Poco. There are also quite a few rental appartments for long-term residents on the premises and the Finnish speaking theater group Sipoon Teatteri organises theatre shows at Joensuun Tila’s outdoor stage.

Villa Sibbe and Café Sibbe – accommodation, lunch restaurant and a fully licensed summer café

Suomi Sisters Oy is the company behind Villa Sibbe, that offers hotel standard accommodation in its six boutique hotel rooms. Depending on the room, there are beds for two to three persons. The building of Villa Sibbe itself, is Nobel prize winner A. I. Virtanen’s estate’s former main building, so you can really feel the history in this house! Villa Sibbe also houses a lunch restaurant, which is open to all guests, hotel residents and drop-in customers alike.

Adjacent to the boat harbour, there is a summer café, which is fully licensed. In addition to beverages, Café Sibbe serves salty snacks and for instance ice cream.

Villa Sibbe hotel and restaurant.
Hotel and Restaurant Villa Sibbe is operated by Suomi Sisters Oy and is situated in the Nobel prize winner’s former main building.

Sporting activities or just chilling on the beach

Joensuun tila’s main curiosity is certainly the swimming lake that was built upon commission of Martti Virtanen. The big artificial lake is filled with water from the estate’s well and is thus certainly free from cyano bacteria, which can be somewhat a problem in the lakes and seas during very hot summers. The water quality is above the demands of EU standard swimming beaches and impurities in the water are fought simply by changing the water often enough.

At the shore of the swimming lake, there are also benches and tables for eating your own picknick and there are several fire pits for your barbecue moments. Firewood can be bought at Joensuun tila’s reception.

The huge disc golf course welcomes everyone from hobbyists to competitors

Joensuun tila’s competition level disc golf course is arguably Sipoo’s finest and the different courses have been built according to different themes. Some themes might seem familiar from children’s books. The courses are demanding enough for professionals, but there are also great options for beginners too. It is not uncommon that competitions are arranged, but usually the course is free to use just for fun. Should you not yet have your own frisbees, you can rent some from Joensuun tila. The track is maintained by Sibbe Disc Golf and playing a round costs 6 euros. You must also book a tee time through Sibbe Disc Golf.

Sibbe Disc Golf's disc golf track in the forest by Joensuun tila.
No hard work has been spared in building the disc golf courses and different courses have their own themes. The entire course is professional level, but there are also easier courses for beginners. The course encircles the entire estate area.

Mini golf and beach volley

The newest addition to Joensuun tila’s passtimes is the mini golf course, which is also operated by Sibbe Disc Golf and is situated right next to the entrance and reception. In addition, there is a beach volleyball course next to the swimming lake, you can also book weekly times to it.

To the river or the sea with muscle force or with the help of an engine

Joensuun tila rents kayaks and you have the choice between traditional ones and competition kayaks. Both categories are available as single or dual versions. From the harbour, you can paddle either left up-streams along the Sipoo river towards Nikkilä, or to the right towards Sipoo delta and the archipelago that opens directly behind it. You can easily paddle all the way to open sea.

If bobbing in a kayak does not sound like your cup of tea, you can always opt for a rowing boat. And if rowing sound too tiring, you can use the outboord engine to take you to the archipelago. The rental price of the rowing boat includes a small container of gasoline, which will easily get you around fifteen kilometers of uninterrupted driving. In the rental price are of course also included safety equipment, such as life vests and a sea chart for safe navigation.

View from a kayak at Sipoo bay, with archipelago and another kayak.
You can rent a kayak or a rowing boat from Joensuun tila and get acquainted with both the sea and the Sipoo river.

Beach relaxing with just a parking fee

If you don’t feel like doing anything extra, you can obviously just benefit of the swimming lake’s cooling water on a hot summer day, in a beautiful place, where the slowly flowing Sipoo river turns into a bay. The river itself is a delight to the eye. There is no entrance fee to the swimming lake, or any of the other areas at Joensuun tila, you get to benefit from everything with just the parking fee. Parking costs one euro per hour and can be paid either with a mobile application or by card.

Skippers welcome too

Even if the majority of Joensuun tila’s marina is reserved for long-term boat customers, there are a few guest spots too. At least there should be mooring space for daytime visitors, but if you want to stay for a longer time, it might be a good idea to call in advance and make sure there is a free place by the pier for you.

Hints, maps and tips from the reception

Right next to the parking area, the reception of Joensuun tila offers hints and tips to travellers and you can also pick up maps which will come handy if you want to navigate the waters. The friendly staff will also help you to find the most interesting sights to see.

Reception of Joensuun tila.
All necessary information can be found at the reception, and this is also the place where caravan park guests are supposed to register. The reception is open daily during summer.


Joensuun Tila Oy
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RECEPTION open between 10 am and 8 pm every day

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