Sipoon opisto – The Adult Education Centre of Sipoo

At the Sipoon opisto Adult Education Centre, you can improve your skills and know-how in a multitude of subjects. You may engage in goal-oriented studies, or take part in courses just for the fun of it. Your educational background does not play any roll. Education is provided in Finnish and Swedish, or the courses are bilingual. Some of the courses do not require any specific language skills.

Take part in one of our courses, or become a part-time teacher and let others learn what you already know.

You are warmly welcome!

Sipoon suomalainen kansalaisopisto (Finninsh) and Sibbo svenska medborgarinstitut (Swedish) were both founded in 1968 and 1.8.1999 they were united into one bilingual institute called Sipoon kansalaisopisto, The Adult Education Centre of Sipoo. Term 2018-2019 we celebrate our institutes 50th anniversary and our name has been updated to Sipoon opisto – Sibbo institut. Institute is maintained by Municipality of Sipoo and the educational work is supervised by Ministry of Education and Culture. Teaching takes place in Finnish or in Swedish, some of the courses are bilingual. We also provide Finnish as a foreign language for immigrants.​

​We provide education and training opportunities that promote social cohesion, equality and active citizenship in keeping with the life-long learning concept. Our institute is part of Everyday life and leisure sector in Municipality of Sipoo.​

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