Wilma – Messages Between Home and School

The official messaging channel between home and schools in the municipality is called Wilma. You can log into Wilma at https://sipoo.inschool.fi, or by using the Wilma app.

Cultural Administration Service messages in the municipality of Sipoo are always sent as Wilma notices. An exception to this rule are issues concerning just one pupil. They are sent as direct messages via Wilma.

Schools inform the guardians using both notices and messages. Schools do not use other channels, such as WhatsApp groups or email lists, to deliver messages.

Guardians use Wilma for example to follow up with school messages, inform about and acknowledge their child’s absence from school, send messages to teachers and read notices. Any decisions concerning the child are also published in Wilma. Guardians should follow up with Wilma notices daily. This is especially important during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Guardians are notified on any decisions concerning their own child via Wilma. These decisions are listed under “Hakemukset ja päätökset” (Applications and decisions).

Wilma is the channel used to inform the guardians of the following:

  • granted school transport (if school transport is not granted, the decision is posted to the home address)
  • granted place in morning and afternoon activities
  • decision to grant special support
  • decision on school admission and registration
  • decision on the pupil’s local school/secondary local school
  • decision on special teaching arrangements
  • decision on leave for over three days
  • decision on flexible basic education (JOPO)

Please note! It is not possible to submit applications or read the actual decisions using the Wilma app.

Do the following

You can log into Wilma at https://sipoo.inschool.fi, or by using the Wilma app.

If you not have a user name and password for Wilma in Sipoo, or if you're experiencing problems with them, please contact the Wilma help desk: wilma.helpdesk@sipoo.fi.

The "Wilma-instructions" link provides instructions for using Wilma. If you need more detailed information or guidance, please contact the school or kindergarten directly.

If you have questions about a single pupil, one of the schools or about school admission, please contact executive assistant.