Water Supply and Sewerage / Contact information

We provide high-quality drinking water to inhabitants living in Sipoo and the Östersundom residential area in Helsinki, and lead wastewater from Sipoo to the Viikinmäki sewage treatment plant in Helsinki. We are responsible for building, maintaining and renovation of water supply and sewage pipelines.

Water supply and sewerage includes the acquisition of water, that is, leading, treatment and distribution of water to households, and the transport and treatment of wastewater produced (sewerage).

Please contact the service failures on-call number if the water pressure drops suddenly, or cold water from the tap tastes or looks odd and does not regain the normal appearance and taste after letting the water run for a reasonable amount of time.

You can handle the following matters, and many more related to Water Supply in the My Services (Select My Services - Sipoo Water):

Order of water supply and sewarage work

Request of a Connection Point Statement

Notification of a Change of Real Estate Ownership to Sipoon Vesi

Change of billing address

Notification if property is rented and billing changes to the tenant (only the owner of the property can do this)

Send bank account number for credit invoices

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Sipoon Vesi Risk Assessment

Risk assessments carried out by Sipoon Vesi follow the principles stated in the World Health Organization Water Safety Plan (WSP). The risk assessment covers the entire water distribution chain. The assessment was completed in 2020 and involved the entire water company staff. Eventual risks connected with water quality and distribution security were classified according to their gravity, and the observations made were discussed in cooperation with the health and safety authority. Risk assessments made according to WSP cover both the knowledge requirement and the obligation to supervise as stated in the Finnish Environmental Protection Act.

Risk assessments are discussed regularly with the health and safety authority, who supervises that the water company takes necessary action to secure water quality and distribution security. The risk assessment has been approved by the health and safety authority (December 15, 2020).

Domestic water distributed by Sipoon Vesi is mainly produced by the central Uusimaa water cooperation Keski-Uudenmaan Vesi (KUVESI). In Myyras, the water is produced by the Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY). Household water quality is controlled according to supervision programmes verified by the health and safety authority. According to risk assessments made, there is no need for extra water samples or intensified testing. For more information about water quality, water samples taken according to the supervision programme, and risk assessment related to water services, please consult the website of each responsible company.

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