Volunteer Work

Anyone regardless of age, gender or place of residence can act as a volunteer. You take part in volunteer activities according to your own abilities, energy and timetables. As a volunteer, you can for example take an elderly person for a walk, read to or chat with the residents in a

housing service unit, or lend your helping hand at various events. Your always take part in the activities according to your interests, own hobbies, and the time you can spare for volunteer work.

Walking Mates

Company of a volunteer walking mate encourages the elderly to exercise. Walking mates offer the elderly assistance in getting outdoors when needed. For many elderly, walking outside is not only incidental exercise. It also gives them great pleasure, renewed energy and relaxation, and opportunities to enjoy the nature. You don’t have to have any special abilities to volunteer as a walking mate – walking outside is a central part of everyday life, and a natural way of spending time together. You decide how much time you want to spend as a volunteer.

Do the following

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