Traffic Safety

The aim of traffic safety work is to ensure that no one is killed or seriously injured in road traffic. Sipoo's plan for safe and sustainable mobility will guide the municipality's traffic safety work in the coming years.

The traffic safety work in Sipoo is being developed by the safe and sustainable mobility group, which brings together representatives from the municipality's sectors and stakeholders. The goals of the working group are to maintain ongoing traffic safety efforts, communicate the importance of traffic safety work to decision-makers, and direct resources towards traffic safety efforts and the promotion of sustainable mobility. The group also promotes the implementation of measures presented in the Sipoo's plan for safe and sustainable mobility.

The Police maintain traffic safety and are responsible for, in expamle, speed control. More information on the Police's traffic safety work can be found on the Police's traffic safety website. On the Police website, you can, for example, submit a traffic monitoring request for an area that requires traffic surveillance.

For example, the Liikenneturva website provides guidance on safe traffic behaviour and other useful additional information related to traffic safety.