Student Counselling

The goal in student counselling is to promote the pupils’ holistic welfare and the progress of their studies. In Sipoo, student counselling is organized at all schools and provided during classes, in small groups and as individual counselling when necessary.

Basic information and legislation

The pupils in basic education are entitled to guidance counselling. In addition to the guidance counsellor, the tasks of every teacher include guiding pupils in their studies and learning skills and proactively preventing problems related to studying.

Guidance counselling also includes supporting pupils’ self-confidence, personality growth, development and inclusion. Guidance is particularly vital at the transition points of education, in other words when moving from one school to another.

In lower comprehensive school, guidance counselling is usually provided in connection with other instruction and activities. In higher comprehensive school, the pupils have guidance counselling lessons, during which not only study skills and self-knowledge but also possibilities for further studies, occupations and working life are discussed. Each pupil also receives individual guidance on a one-to-one basis or in a small group.