Occupational Health Care Services

The aims of occupational health care are to assess and provide a healthy and safe working environment, and to prevent work-related illnesses. Occupational health care services assess the employees’ health status, work capacity and functional capacity. When necessary, the employee is directed to health care services or rehabilitation.

Basic information and legislation

Employees are entitled to occupational healthcare. Employers have the duty to organise preventive occupational healthcare. Providing medical care for the employees is voluntary. Entrepreneurs and other self-employed persons may organise their occupational healthcare as they wish.

Occupational healthcare includes investigating the health and safety aspects of the work as well as preventing health risks associated with the work. The occupational healthcare services establish the employee’s state of health, work ability and functional capacity. If necessary, the employee is referred to treatment or rehabilitation.

An employer may organise occupational healthcare themselves or together with other employers. An employer can also procure services from various providers in the health sector. The municipality has an obligation to organise occupational healthcare services for the companies in their region, if the companies so wish.