Municipal Council

Duties of the Council

According to section 14 in the Municipal Act, the council is responsible for the municipality’s activities and finances and exercises the municipality’s power of decision.

The local council decides on:

  • the municipal strategy
  • the administrative regulations
  • the budget and the financial plan
  • the ownership policy principles and the corporate governance principles applying to the local authority corporation
  • the operating and financial objectives set for municipally owned companies
  • the principles for managing assets and for investment activities
  • the principles for internal control and risk management
  • the general principles concerning payments charged for services and for other tasks performed
  • the granting of a guarantor’s undertaking or other security for another party’s debt
  • the election of members to the decision-making bodies, unless otherwise provided hereafter
  • the principles concerning the financial benefits of elected officials
  • the appointment of auditors
  • the approval of the financial statements and the granting of discharge from liability
  • other matters that are laid down for the decision of the local council.

Do the following

The councillors have personal email addresses following the format firstname.lastname(at), unless otherwise stated.

Council minutes are published on a public data network on the eight day after each meeting (available in Finnish and Swedish).

Basic information and legislation