Measuring customer experience

The municipality of Sipoo measures customer experience and develops communal services with the help of automated feedback stands. You can find these feedback stands in SipooInfo customer service, at the library, in Nikkilä social and health care center, and in Söderkulla at the dental clinic and mother-child clinic.

How did we succeed today?

Please use our feedback stands to give customer feedback by choosing the wolf smiley that most closely represents your experience. The grading range has four stages between 3 (best) and 0 (worst). You can also tell us more precisely which factors influenced your feedback rating. The results are published on the municipality of Sipoo website.

All given ratings are used to calculate a monthly average. Average feedback ratings in 2022 were:

  • January 2.56
  • February 2.51
  • March 2.47
  • April 2.54
  • May 2.45
  • June 2.49
  • July 2.59
  • August 2.41
  • September 2.41
  • October 2,63
  • November 2,53
  • December