Growth Company Services

The municipality of Sipoo provides versatile services for growth companies. The services are organized and carried out in cooperation with the Central Uusimaa Business Development Centre (Keuke).

Active market monitoring, identifying possibilities and producing economic forecasts provide a sound basis for planning your company’s growth. Your first step should be to identify your financial prerequisites for growth.

Thanks to a growth plan, your project will be more target-oriented and concrete, which also makes it easier to communicate your plans more widely, both to your own personnel and to financial sponsors. The growth and development of your company are based on the mutual will of your company owners and management. In order to make your company grow, you also need to prepare yourself for personal growth. After getting things in order “at home”, your company will need the three A’s in order to grow and develop: Action, Ability and Attitude. We are happy to assess your assets for growth, and get you going on your journey to becoming big!

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Keuke is a local development company that helps companies in Central Uusimaa. Visit Keuke’s website to find out more.