Flexible Basic Education (JOPO)

Flexible basic education is meant for pupils on grades 7–9, and provided when the pupil is in need of extra support in order to complete the basic education syllabus.

Flexible basic education is heavily based on functionality, making use of different learning environments, on-the-job learning and multidisciplinary modules. Flexible basic education is arranged by comprehensive schools together with the municipal youth services.

JOPO-classes in the comprehensive schools in Sipoo (Sipoonjoki, Sipoonlahti and Kungsvägen) consist of pupils on grades 7–9.

The education is provided in groups. Each JOPO-group in the municipality of Sipoo has both a teacher and an education instructor.

To whom and on what terms

Pupils may seek to JOPO-groups themselves, or be directed to them after an assessment on how well they are expected to benefit from the operations model.

Basic information and legislation

Flexible basic education supports pupils in higher comprehensive school, or grades 7— 9, who are at risk of not obtaining a basic education certificate. Flexible basic education stresses learning by doing, the use of different learning environments and on-the-job learning.

Flexible basic education is organized by comprehensive schools in cooperation with municipal youth, social and health services and vocational institutions, general upper secondary schools and workshops for young people. The teaching is organised around groups of pupils.