Education in Literary Arts (in Swedish)

Sydkustens ordkonstskola organizes education in literary arts in Sipoo. The education is in Swedish. Students attending a literary arts class may use their imagination, and express themselves in various narrative ways. Literary arts consists of writing, telling stories, playing with words and engaging in multi-artistic work.

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Basic information and legislation

Basic education in the arts is primarily intended for children and young people. The education is offered at art schools and adult education centres. It is goal-oriented, and progresses from one level to the next.

Basic education in the arts provides the students with capabilities for expressing themselves by artistic means and, should they wish, enables them to apply for a place in vocational and third-level education in the field of arts in question.

The education may be provided by municipalities, joint municipal authorities, associations, foundations and state institutions. The education is based on the nine principles of general and extensive syllabi defined for arts in the national core curriculum.