Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Services in Sipoo

Early childhood education and care services in Sipoo work together with the parents to support the growth and learning of children living in Sipoo.

There are several options for early childhood education and care in Sipoo:

  • municipal and private day care services,
  • municipal family day care,
  • open ECEC with group activities for over 2-year-olds in Villa Solåker and Tasbyn kotitupa,
  • 24-hour care at Kartano day care centre, providing nonstandard hour child care during nights, weekends and mid-week holidays,
  • language immersion ECEC in Swedish for Finnish-speaking children over 4 years of age (Metsärinne and Leppätie day care centres),
  • home care allowance and municipal supplement granted for care of under 3-year-olds and their siblings at home,
  • temporary ECEC for children who usually receive day care at their own homes.

In Sipoo, day care is provided in two service regions: northern Sipoo and Nikkilä, and southern Sipoo. For more information about applying for an ECEC place, please contact one of our three placement coordinators, responsible for northern Sipoo, southern Sipoo and ECEC provided in Swedish, respectively.

Our services are based on the Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care Act, and on the municipality of Sipoo ECEC plan (referred to as “vasu” for varhaiskasvatussuunnitelma in Finnish).

Basic information and legislation