Cultural Grants and Subsidies

Once a year, the municipality of Sipoo awards subsidies for cultural activities, as well as a artist grant to one or more professional artist. In addition, subsidies for real estate tax are granted to non-profit associations registered in Sipoo. These grants are to be used to maintain the club’s own property.

Do the following

Associations / societies and private persons can apply for grants in March. For more information and instructions how to apply please contact Sipoo municipality.

The application period ends March 31 at exactly 23.59 hours.

To whom and on what terms

Project Subsidies

Associations and groups engaged in cultural activities in Sipoo may apply for a subsidy. The subsidy is always granted for some project, for example for organizing a cultural or training event, publishing materials, tradition collecting, performance tours, or similar. Associations may leave in an application consisting of several events or occasions.

Subsidies are not granted for general costs in the association or group, such as newsletters for members, office expenses or club meetings. Furthermore, subsidies are not granted for travel expenses unless travelling is necessary for touring purposes.

Granted subsidies may be used for their intended purposes only. Should the intended purpose change in a relevant extent, the municipal Leisure Division must be notified and the subsidy will be considered again. If it becomes evident that the applicant has misused the subsidy, the municipality will reclaim the amount.

Subsidies are paid out to the applicants in full right after the Leisure Division has made a decision on the matter. Subsidies must be accounted for directly after the event has taken place, or on December 15 at the latest.

Artist Grants

A separate announcement is published annually to advertise the application time open for an artist grant. One or more professional artist may receive the artist grant per year.

Professional artists living in Sipoo and merited on a local or regional level are eligible to receive the grant. The grant is meant for implementation of art-related working plans, to compensate work expenses caused by performances, presentations and publication, for research in the field of arts, for purchase of musical instruments, or for acquisition of equipment.

Art forms are divided into ten categories: literature, children’s culture, visual arts, theatre, music, dance, photographic/cinematic art, architecture/industrial art, circus arts, and other multi-arts projects.

Grant Amount: € 1.500

Subsidy to pay real estate tax

Non-profit associations registered in Sipoo may apply for a real estate tax subsidy. The subsidy is to be used to pay the tax for a real estate the association maintains or owns. The application time is the same as in other project subsidies.

The following attachments are obligatory to the applications:

  1. Annual report and year-end financial statements for the previous year (associations and societies)
  2. Action plan
  3. Budget

Grants are available for both regular activities and the organisation of individual events.

Basic information and legislation

Organisations, foundations, institutes, individual citizens and other communities operating in a municipality may receive grants from the municipality for engaging in and promoting cultural activities. The tasks of the municipality include supporting cultural activities within its area.

Municipalities may assist theatre, dance and circus activities and museum and music activities in the municipality in different ways.