Topeliussali Event Hall

Topeliussali Hall is a cultural centre for people of all ages in the area, a place where everyone can experience and enjoy culture together. The newly renovated, high-quality space is primarily dedicated to concerts, events, theatre and dance performances, but also works as a cinema on a monthly basis. The venue’s schedule focuses on music, film, dance and theatre performances, as well as a variety of educational seminars.

Topeliussali is an event hall providing a wide range of choice events in Nikkilä, Sipoo. The space can be rented for cultural events or educational seminars. The hall is ideal for music, theatre and film screenings.

The concert hall has a total capacity of 233 seats, 3 of which are wheelchair-accessible. The Topeliussali Hall is equipped with the latest AV technology, including a cinema projector, video projector and high-quality sound and lighting equipment.

Adjacent to the stage, there is a  green-room area for preparation and breaks. There are also changing rooms and washrooms for performers.

Both the Sipoo Main Library and the Info-Customer Service Point are located in the same building. The hall is available for both invitation-only and open events.

Picture: Guilty Productions

Visiting Address

Pohjoinen Koulutie 2, 04130 Sipoo


Price list, inquiries and bookings

Ronja Happonen

tel: +358401532323


Cultural events

Cultural Planner: Katja Sågbom

tel: +358503959874


Cultural Producer: Pi Viana

tel: +358401929913

To Book the Venue


Associations and individuals can book the Topeliussali Hall using the Timmi programme. Please register/extend your access rights well in advance of the planned event.

See the calendar booking system here.


Jari Hakkarainen


Pertti Lindh


Technical Specifications

Completed in 1984, the hall was designed by architecture firm Perko & Rautamäki Ky. Usable floor area: 534 m2, maximum height: 10 m, stage: 80 m2 (width 10 m, depth 8 m and approx. 6 m to the ceiling). Seating: 161 in the stalls, 54 in the balcony. In addition, there are three wheelchair-accessible seats and 15 extra seats that can be added to the stalls.

The venue is equipped with for example a sound system, a projector, a Steinway grand piano, dressing rooms adjacent to the stage, a lobby and cloakroom and a café.

Price List and Rental Terms

Topeliussali is a cultural venue that can accommodate up to 230 persons.

The rent is 100 €/hour. The rent includes caretaker services (e.g. opening and closing the venue, instruction and the management and use of basic technical equipment in the hall).

  1. In the case of a recurring event, on several consecutive days, 50% of the normal rent will be charged for all following days. The hall can be booked for the maximum time of one week.
  2. Charity events are charged at 50% of the normal rate.
  3. The cost of tuning the grand piano is €100.
  4. Additional rehearsal times or recording any material in the hall must be agreed on separately with the caretaker.


  1. Bookings and Cancellations

Reservations are not directly generated in the calendar, but all bookings are moderated by the municipal staff, so please take this delay into account when making a reservation. Reservations are always invoiced in arrears. Cancellations must be made 14 days before the start of the booking, either by phone or email. The Client will be charged for unused and uncancelled reservations. For internal clients, cancellations must be made at least 5 days before the date of the reservation.

  1. The Client’s Liability

The Client is obliged to protect the rented premises and equipment from damage. The Client shall be liable for any damage caused by the Client or their staff, the performers or the public to the movable and immovable property of the Topeliussali Hall. The Client is responsible for all furniture and equipment they bring to the venue. The Client undertakes to comply with the instructions given by the staff regarding the concert hall, its equipment and furnishings. The Client’s activities must not interfere with the other activities or the environs of the building. The Client shall always appoint a person who is in charge of the organisation of the event. This person must be present throughout the entire duration of the event.

  1. Event Notifications and Permits

The Client is responsible for obtaining, at their own expense, any necessary permits from the authorities. Staging and effects using open fire or pyrotechnics are prohibited without the written permission of the First Party (the lessor). The Client shall be responsible for all copyright agreements relating to the works to be performed in the Topeliussali Hall.

  1. Temporary Structures and Staging

Temporary structures must be mentioned in the report to be submitted at the time of booking.

  1. Ticketing and Advertising

The Client is responsible for selling any tickets for the event covered by the contract. In any announcements concerning the event, the Client shall use the name Topeliussali for the venue.

  1. Free Tickets

The Client provides the First Party with four free seats for the event.

  1. Transfer of Confirmation of Reservation

The Client is not entitled to transfer the booking confirmation to a third party without the  consent of the First Party. The Client may also not transfer the concert hall or other premises mentioned in the reservation to a third party or to any persons not directly responsible to the Client. Any changes to the reservation must be made in writing.

  1. Lessor’s Rights

The Lessor (First Party) reserves the right to assess the suitability of the programme of the event to be organised, considering both the venue space and the time of the event. This will take into account for example other events taking place in the building, personnel needs, possible public holidays and the number/ratio of open and closed events.

Events produced by the Cultural Services

Sipoo Cultural Services, events 2024

26.1 at 19:00, Jake and Rambling Blade & Guy Enqvist: Americana All Night!

14.2 at 18:00 Mikael Konttinen & Annika Eklund: Valentine’s Day Concert

23.3 at 17:00 Stand Up Show: Heli & Krisse and Anders Helenius

13.4 at 18:00 Magic Show: Malin Nilsson (SWE)

12.5 at 15:00 Mikko Sarvanne Garden