Nature Protection

Nature protection is based on the National law of Nature Protection (Law number 20.12.1996/1096). It aims to preserve the diversity of nature and maintain the beauty of natural beauty and landscape values. Means for nature protection include establishing of nature monuments, founding of nature protection zones and protection of nature types and species.

There are 58 nature preservation zones in Sipoo, of which 50 are inland areas or close to the sea and the rest are in maritime environments, with no road connection. The first nature preservation zone was founded in 1956, when Molnträsk was declared a salvage area. Since then, nature preservations zones have been founded on a fairly even basis.

The centers for economic development, livelihood and environment in Uusimaa cement with their decisions the creation of nature preservation zones on privately owned land. Nature monuments can be declared on private property at the land owners initiative with municipal funding. These decisions are made by the delegation for building and environment of the Municipality of Sipoo.


To ensure the diversity of nature, it is strictly forbidden to plant foreign species in a manner that they spread into the nature, if there is a risk that the spreading can result in a sustaining population. Certain species harm the original species, the eco system and the farming and agriculture and can be harmful to people’s and animals’ health. Actions related to spreading of foreign species is punishable by law.