Söderkulla Sports Park

The area has playing and multipurpose fields of varying sizes, as well as a high-quality area for parkour and skateboarding. The park has a special emphasis on the biodiversity of nature. At one end of the park there is a rainwater pond with a water meadow and a small jetty. The green areas has been planted with various grasses, meadow plants and flowers. Presenting several different natural features, the area is versatile and interesting. The arboretum, or tree species park, provides visitors with opportunities to learn, explore and engage in hobbies.

Söderkulla Sports Park has for example the following features:

  • Various playing fields,
  • An area for parkour and skateboarding,
  • An arboretum (tree species park),
  • An outdoor exercise area,
  • In-ground trampolines,
  • A rainwater pond, a water meadow and a jetty,
  • Different green spaces and natural features,
  • An accessible route suitable for e.g. wheelchairs,
  • Garden tables and chairs,
  • Parking places for both bicycles and cars.

Visiting information

Söderkullan koulutie 7, 01150 Söderkulla