Sipoon Musiikkikoulu

We are a private educational establishment grounded in 2017 providing high standard basic education in music following the national general syllabus. We are supported by Sipoon musiikkikoulun Tuki ry. The education is primarily directed to children and young people, but adults are also welcome. Our music school accepts pupils according to the “first come first served” principle.

We want to lay foundations for mental growth and create opportunities for a lifelong interest in music. Our educational goals are set according to the pupils’ personal goals. The school puts emphasis on joy in music and the pupils’ freedom to achieve personal fulfilment through their own actions and experience. The studies are target-oriented and proceed from one level to the next.

Sipoon musiikkikoulu works in close cooperation with the music institution Vuosaaren musiikkikoulu. Both schools aim to provide high-quality music education in the Sipoo area.