Traineeships and Thesis Work

University Trainees

We occasionally seek university trainees for various tasks. As an intern, you will receive a possibility to get acquainted with a modern and agile municipal organization, heavily engaged in new practices and digitalization. All members of our work community are important. By working with us, you will will get a great chance to contribute both to the operative side of our activities and our development processes.

Thesis Work

You may contact us if you wish to work on your thesis in Sipoo. As an agile organization, we are constantly developing our practices. Accordingly, you will find many opportunities and new angles to your thesis work in our municipality.

Work Experience Periods (TET)

Are you interested in some line of work carried out in the municipality? Why not spend your work experience period with us! Please contact the unit of your interest directly for closer arrangements.

Do the following

For more information, please contact the municipality of Sipoo Recruitment Team.