Group Family Day Care

Group family day care is a service where two group family day care workers provide day care together in facilities maintained by the municipality.

In Sipoo, group family day care is unfortunately not available at the time.

To whom and on what terms

Your child can receive early childhood education if they have not yet reached the age of compulsory education.

Day care may also be given to your child when they have already reached the age of compulsory education, if special circumstances so require and care cannot be otherwise arranged.

Basic information and legislation

You can apply for your child to join municipal group family day care, which is early childhood education and care in accordance with the Act on Early Childhood Education and Care.

Two employees are usually assigned to each group. Each group holds a maximum of eight children that have not yet participated in basic education. The group can also hold two children that are pupils of either pre-primary or basic education. Under special circumstances, the group can be overseen by three employees and hold a maximum of 12 children.