Building Permits

Building or expanding a construction, or carrying out some other kind of building work, is nearly always subject to a permit issued by the municipal building supervision authority.

Building Permit Processing Times

At the moment, the time to process a building permit is approximately three (3) months, including eventual requests made by the permit officer in cases where the application is not complete. However, it is possible to significantly shorten this time by carefully drafting the application including the plans, attaching to it all the necessary documents and information, and by submitting the application via Lupapiste. In this way, the application is directly complete and ready to be processed. When applying for a planning requirement decision or deviation decision, it is good to reserve a minimum of six (6) months for the permit process.

Do the following

Building permit applications are always submitted using the online service

The municipality of Sipoo Construction Supervision Department provides service via email and telephone. Our services are available in two languages, Finnish and Swedish. We recommend that the contact person assigned to your construction project is your principal designer or architect, and that they speak either Finnish or Swedish fluently.

To whom and on what terms

In Sipoo, building permits are applied online at the Lupapiste service.

Lupapiste is a digital service where municipal residents, companies and associations can submit permit applications and notifications and cooperate with the authorities and other related parties. The digital service covers all permit needs from the first contact to the finalization of the project, let it be a small project like installing balcony glass, or a huge endeavour such as building a shopping mall.

The Lupapiste service is available in all construction-related questions. Questions can be posed already before the actual building process starts. The service provides guidance and help, telling the applicant for example whether the planned project requires a permit, and if so, what kind of permit is needed.

The guidance service directs the applicant to search for and point the project site on a map, and to describe the permit matter clearly and in detail. High-quality applications containing accurate information will also make the processing easier for the permit officer. Applicants who use the digital system will get personal service from the officer responsible for their matter.

The guidance service is available for all municipal inhabitants who plan to build something. The service is free of charge. Registration at the service is easy. All you need is online banking credentials or a mobile certificate. Strong identification is necessary only once to create a user name and password. Thereafter, the users log in to the service with their user name and password.

Payment details

The service is chargeable