Allotment Gardens

Picture: Jere Loikkanen

The municipality of Sipoo has 22 allotment gardens in the Söderkulla manor region, as well as 38 lots in Nikkilä Jokilaakso. In early spring we will contact previous years customers, when it’s time to let us know if they are interested in continuing for the coming season.

  • Price 20€ / 50 m2. (+vat 24 %)
  • Invoicing is in spring time.

Do the following

All cultivation plots are now reserved for the year 2024.

You can still sign up for the queue by sending an email to This email address serves in all matters related to renting and queuing for plots, including invoicing inquires.

Vacant cultivation plots will be distributed in the order of the queue, depending on if plots become available. Renters are responsible for keeping their contact information up-to-date. You can notify us of changes in contact information to the attached email.

In spring, we will notify those who have registered for the queue about the availability of new plots.