Regulations govering the beaches of the municipality of Sipoo

The following regulations apply to this beach:

  1. Silence must be observed at the beach after 10 p.m.
  2. Camping in the beach area is prohibited.
  3. Dogs or other animals are not allowed on the beach.
  4. Open fires are prohibited. Particular care must also be taken when smoking.
  5. The consumption of alcoholic beverages and drunkenness is prohibited.
  6. Tidiness, orderliness and good manners must be observed in the beach area.
  7. Rubbish must be placed in the containers provided.
  8. The natural environment in the area must be preserved in every way.
  9. All manner of fishing at the beach area is prohibited.
  10. Washing clothes, rugs and cars is prohibited.
  11. Organising public meetings and entertainment events as well as trading and advertising in the recreation area are prohibited without the permission of the Leisure Department of the Education Board.
  12. The municipality will not assume any responsibility for lost belongings.

For further information, please contact the area supervisor or the Leisure Department, tel. 09 23531.