Bedmil Interior Design

Lovely things for your home! Professional Interior Designer Summer Café

Open by appointment and when the Café Sininen Talo is open.

Iso kylätie 7, 04130 SIPOO Tel. +358 40 5969 398


Bags to all “sisters” (siskot = sisters in English) are sold at Nellys on Jokikatu in Porvoo.

Sisko Paakki Lehtimäenkuja 4 a 3, 04130 Sipoo Tel. +358 40 910 6956 E-mail:

Sälgkulla shop

Textiles and objects made of recycled materials and concrete, e.g. jewelery.

Kerstin Enbom, Immersbyntie 326, 01150 Söderkulla

Tel. +358 50 5291950 E-mail:

Villa Nokkonen

A small shop with cute things for interior design.

Katajakalliontie 2, 01120 Västerskog, close to Café N’avetta Tel. +358 50 4074869 E-mail:

Majvikin biodynamic farm

Ecological produce both from the farm and elsewhere.

Majvikintie 68, Sipoo Tel. +358 45 6382245

Åkerfelt’s Fish

Sales of fish directly from the fisher. Also catering and building and renovation services in the archipelago.

Tel. +358 50 5914386 E-mail:

Sebwil Shop

We sell maternity and children’s products: High quality clothing, toys and accessories from manufacturers such as Mamidea, Myllymuksut and Kiddex.

We also sell party and baking accessories such as edible cake decorations and cupcake cups, disposable tableware and napkins etc.

Come and visit us at our showroom, but please call in advance, as we are not there at all times!

Showroom (Sebwil Shop); Gumbontie 222, 01150 Söderkulla

Tel. +358 45 327 5037 / +358 45 899 7107 E-mail: