Söderkulla Skatepark

Welcome to the Söderkulla Skatepark!

Skatepark Rules:


The skatepark is a place where you can skate, roller skate, and do tricks on a BMX bike or scooter.

Motorized vehicles (such as mopeds, motorbikes, cars) are to be parked outside the skatepark.


Remember to use protective gear (helmet, elbow pads and knee pads) when using the park.


Please make sure to place your rubbish in the garbage bins.

Home-made skate ramps, rails, boxes or other skating aids are forbidden in the park.

Intake of any kind of controlled substances is forbidden in the park.

Please remember that vandalism is a punishable act.

The municipality of Sipoo Sports and Fitness Services is responsible for upkeep of the skatepark.

Visiting information

Söderkullan koulutie 7, 01150 Söderkulla