Sipoon lukio / Sipoon Enter

Sipoon lukio is a school providing upper secondary education in Finnish in Sipoo. The school is located in a modern facility in central Nikkilä. The building is called Sipoon Enter, and the school shares the facility with the Vocational Education and Training provider Keuda. The school is near to the library, public transport bus stops, the health care centre and grocery shops. Sipoon Enter was completed in 2007. The building has won prizes in international architecture competitions.

Sipoon lukio offers you a motivating and happy place for your studies. We also welcome students outside the Sipoo municipal borders. In addition to general studies, our students have also the possibility to specialize in natural sciences and mathematics (LUMA-linja).

Sipoon lukio offers the students:

  • a cosy and open atmosphere
  • an interactive and conversational culture
  • small teaching groups and individual guidance
  • comprehensive general knowledge
  • excellent library services and modern equipment
  • new study methods

Our strengths:

  • high-quality education in languages and mathematics
  • information technology
  • alternative specialization in humanistic and social sciences

We can offer advanced studies exceeding the national minimum levels in almost all of our teaching subjects, and provide applied courses in various studies. Use our broad selection of courses to construct a syllabus according to your own interests.


Visiting information

Iso Kylätie 14, 04130 Sipoo