The Finns live in rented or owner-occupied dwellings. You can find owner-occupied houses for sale in the local newspapers or in the real estate agents' advertisements. There are several apartment rental agents in Sipoo: KAS vuokra-asunnot Oy, real estate agents and private landlords. You can submit a rental apartment application to KAS vuokra-asunnot Oy either online at www.kas.fi or by completing an application form that is available at the municipal Info point.

In blocks of flats and terraced houses there is a house manager who manages common house matters. The house manager is responsible for administration, finance and maintenance contracts. The maintenance is normally taken care of by a maintenance man. You can consult him in matters such as:

- minor repairs
- cellar
- laundry room
- reservation of the sauna
- parking space
- the maintenance man will open the door for a fee, if you have forgotten the key

When you move to a new apartment, you should sign an electricity supply agreement. Each resident is responsible for installing a smoke detector in his or her apartment. The tenant must usually also take a home insurance policy from an insurance company.

The house companies have rules of conduct which all residents must follow. The house companies usually have bins for mixed waste and biodegradable waste and paper recycling. Empty bottles and cans are returned to the recovery points at the shops

When you move out, terminate the lease early. In general, the notice period is one month. If you move from one apartment to another you should give notice of removal at the post office and report the new address to the authorities.

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