Urban design In Finnish

The block structure and street network in the centre of Sibbesborg follow the patterns of traditional Finnish wooden towns. Read more about urban design


Forecasting is a key component in determining future operations, problems, and opportunities.  Read more about forecasts


The planning process is an adaptation of the Netzstadt1-method as it is the only trans-disciplinary method available at the moment, concerning the planning task itself. Read more about Netzstadt

Business and services

Local food production, processing, logistics and business are concepted and implemented together with the relevant actors. Read more about business and services



One sign of a sustainable community is that there is no waste of natural resources or energy. Read more about eco-efficiency


Ecosystem services

How the multiple ecosystem services and the benefits they generate can be identified and valued? Read more about ecosystem services

Local food

Local food is fresh Finnish food that is produced as close to the consumer as possible. Read more about local food

Green Care

Green Care comprises care services designed to promote wellness and quality of life. Read more about Green Care

Last modified 02.07.2019