Social Services for Families with Children

Everyday life can be demanding when you have small children. You may face challenges for example when one of the family members falls ill or becomes exhausted, when the parents have problems in their relationship, or when the family goes through a divorce. You may also have problems in raising the children, or face some other stressful life situation.

Social Services for Families with Children is directed for families with children living in Sipoo. We support the children’s growth and development and help the families to cope with demanding life situations. Social services for families with children include for example social work, social counselling, home help service for families, family work, support activities, family counselling, family law services and income support granted to families with children.

Are you struggling to cope on your own? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We will assess your situation, and find the services and help that meet your family’s or your child’s needs.