My Kanta pages

My Kanta Pages is an online service where citizens can view the data entered by public and private healthcare services concerning appointments and medication, as well as wellbeing data which they themselves have entered. The service is available nationwide. You can log in to the service on the page with banking codes, a mobile certificate or an ID card with a chip that enables the use of online services.

What can I do in My Kanta Pages?

In My Kanta Pages, you can view your prescriptions and the related dispensing data, treatment-related entries, laboratory and X-ray studies, and the data concerning a dependent child under 10 years of age. The data of a child aged between 10 and 17 can be viewed gradually once the healthcare service has made the necessary changes in the patient data systems. In My Kanta Pages, you can request a repeat prescription and save your own living will and organ donation testament. You can also monitor your own wellbeing and browse your details recorded with a wellbeing application. From spring 2021, it is possible to act on behalf of an adult in the service with an electronic mandate.

Sharing of data

With your consent, you can have an impact on the use of your data in the Kanta Services in your treatment. In My Kanta Pages, you can give your consent to or opt out of sharing your personal data. In My Kanta Pages, it is also possible to give your consent to sharing prescription data with a pharmacy in another European country if you wish to purchase medicines abroad with a Finnish prescription.