Workshop Activities for Young People

All young people under 29 years of age are welcome to the workshop. You may be a school dropout, or one of those who didn’t get admitted to a study place this year. The workshop will improve your chances to get a place in your school of choice, find work, finish your studies or find the service you need.

The idea with youth workshops is to help young people to improve their life management skills, and to advance their growth, independence and participation in the society. Workshops have a down-to-earth approach to different tasks. Individual goals and skills are taken into consideration. At the beginning of your work period, your personal goals will be written down in your individual coaching plan. Your objectives may be for example learning basic every-day skills, applying for some kind of education, getting acquainted with different professions and hobbies, or looking out for a job. Your work period at the workshop will also give you valuable work experience.

You may contact the workshop yourself, or you may be directed to it by an authority.

In Sipoo, the workshop is called Levari.

Do the following

Please contact your local workshop if you would like to participate in the workshop activities. An authority or an education provider can also direct you to the workshop.

Interested? Please contact the Head of Employment Services and sign up!

To whom and on what terms

You can participate in the workshops if you are under 29 years old.

Basic information and legislation

The youth workshop provides goal-oriented coaching that meets your needs. In the workshop, you can develop your competence and skills through practice.

The aim of coaching and practical work is to:

  • recognise and increase your competence
  • support your well-being and working life skills
  • support you towards education and work.

You have the right to receive a personal training plan in the workshop.