Tenth Grade

The goal with a tenth grade is to develop the pupils’ studying abilities and to give them more career choices, as well as to make it easier for them to get accepted into further education. Tenth grade gives the pupils a possibility to raise their marks in their school leaving certificate.

Education provided in grade 10 takes a whole school year. In whole, it comprises at least 1,100 study hours. The studies may also include introduction to working life. The pupils will also enhance their skills and knowledge of the society.

In Sipoo, education on grade 10 is unfortunately not available. Pupils graduating from comprehensive schools may apply for a place on 10th grade in one of the neighbouring municipalities.

The 10th grade education will merge into TUVA in 2022.

Do the following

For more information about grade 10, visit the website Studyinfo.fi.

To whom and on what terms

You can apply for grade 10, if you have completed your comprehensive school this year or the previous year and have not received a place of study at an upper secondary education institution.

Basic information and legislation

The purpose of grade 10 is to improve a student’s study and career opportunities and facilitate their access to further education. Grade 10 provides you with the opportunity to increase your comprehensive school certificate grades.

Grade 10 lasts for one school year and includes at least 1,100 hours of instruction. The education may also include introductory working life opportunities and the accumulation of societal knowledge and skills.