Support for Informal Care for Families with Children

Informal care is also known as dependant care or kinship care. Informal care is generally defined as the care and support provided to older, disabled or ill persons at their own homes by relatives or persons with whom they have a social relationship.

Support for informal care consists of:

  • services provided for the person receiving care
  • informal care allowance paid to the carer, carer’s leave, and services supporting informal care

Do the following

You may apply for informal care allowance by filling in the form in My Services (select Social services).

To whom and on what terms

Granting informal care allowance is based on the municipality of Sipoo Criteria for Informal Care and on the Finnish Act on Support for Informal Care (937/2005). The assessment is also based on the child’s interests and how the support promotes the child’s development and wellbeing according to their age. Furthermore, an assessment is made on whether granting support is appropriate regarding the child’s and the overall situation.

Informal Care Allowance per month:

Group I: €1279.65

Group II: €606.17

Payment details

Basic information and legislation

Informal care means arrangements for the care of a person who is old, disabled or ill at home, with a family member or a close friend in the role of their carer. Financial and operative support for informal care is available. Informal care support is a statutory social welfare service. Informal care support consists of the carer’s fee, services provided for the person cared for, and support for the informal carer.

The legislation contains provisions on the minimum amounts of informal care fees, the services provided to support care, the carer’s free time, the care and service plan and the contents of the informal care contract.