Student Health Care

Student health care includes health care and medical care service for students. They are arranged as an integrated whole. Public health nurses are responsible for carrying out student health checks together with a doctor. In addition, they cooperate with the guardians and responsible counsellors in matters concerning the students, direct the students to a doctor for further care when necessary, and administer first aid and carry out care related to it in their own units.

In the municipality of Sipoo, student health care is available for persons currently studying in Sipoon lukio and Sibbo gymnasium, and at the Vocational Education and Training provider Keuda’s Sipoo office (Enter).

You may visit the public health nurse for example when:

  • You’re worried about your health or coping with your daily life
  • You’ve had an accident at school or on your way to or from school
  • You have questions about sexual health
  • You need a health check-up for a driver’s license
  • Young people of military age are to have a health check-up before conscription that takes place in the autumn. (Note: conscription is obligatory for men, voluntary for women.) The check-up is free of charge. You can book a time when you have received your conscription letter. Student health care services organize all conscription check-ups.

New students will also have a health check-up during their first study year.

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Public health nurse’s office for students in Sipoon lukio and Keuda can be found in the Sipoo Enter building. In Sibbo gymnasium, the nurse’s office is in the same building as the school. You can book a time by ringing the office, by email, online via Wilma or by visiting the office personally.

Students may visit the public health nurse office without an appointment at predestined times announced at the beginning of the school year. During other times, an appointment is recommended. Guardians may also contact the public health nurse when necessary.

Basic information and legislation

Students in upper secondary school, vocational institutions and institutions of higher education can use student health care services in the municipality where the educational institution is located. Student health care also includes health care provided while a student is completing on-the-job learning and work experience periods.

Student health care services can also be provided by other means, such as the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).

Student health care includes two regular health checks during secondary education. All students are offered health checks and services as needed. Help in issues related to mental health, substance abuse problems and sexual health as well as oral care is also available.