Starting a Building Project

Persons planning a construction project and all building designers must acquire necessary information about the building site, nearby environment, plans that regulate construction in the area, and building regulations. Some areas may also have specific construction instructions that state the methods or appearance permitted. At this phase, the builders have to obtain maps and other technical documents necessary to start the project. Anyone planning to build a one-family house is advised to contact necessary building experts immediately after purchasing a building plot. This is the construction phase where the building project should be assessed in regards of the degree of difficulty. Also the designer’s qualifications and tasks are to be considered.

It takes several experts to carry out a successful building project:

  • a Construction Supervision Building Permit Architect together with a permitting officer will provide guidance in how to apply for a permit
  • the Principal Designer is responsible for the overall contents and quality of the building plans. Other designers are responsible for their own area of expertise
  • the Responsible Site Manager sees to that the work carried out at the building site follows applicable regulations, complies with the building permit, and is carried out according to good building practice. Other supervisors are responsible for their own areas of expertise.

The Right to Begin Construction and Security Deposits

Once the permit has been granted, the applicant may begin building the site even though the permit is not yet legally valid. However, the prerequisite for this is that the project has been granted a right to begin construction. It is advisable to apply for the right to begin construction at the same time as the actual permit. This is done by writing this request in the project prescription at Lupapiste.

The amount deposited as security in order to begin construction is determined according to the Construction Supervision Fees list, and calculated according to the extent of the building project.

Do the following

The municipality of Sipoo Construction Supervision Department provides service via email and telephone. Our services are available in two languages, Finnish and Swedish. We recommend that the contact person assigned to your construction project is your principal designer or architect, and that they speak either Finnish or Swedish fluently.

To whom and on what terms

The right to begin construction usually covers preparatory work such as substructure construction. Once the permit has been granted, the Construction Supervision Unit will send an email to the applicant stating the municipal account where the security deposit is to be placed.

Security deposits are returned once the permit becomes legally valid. The payment is made to the account stated by the applicant. However, the sum taken out by the municipality for granting the right to begin construction is not returned, as it is considered to be a payment for processing the security deposit matter.

Payment details

The service is chargeable