Social Services for Families with Children

All children have the right to grow up in a safe environment, to develop in a balanced and multifaceted way, and to receive particular protection.

Social services for families with children

  • include an assessment of the family’s needs, provision of the necessary support and organization of the provided services
  • is systematic and target-oriented work to promote changes together with the family
  • is responsible for processing applications for complementary and preventive income support for families with children

Contact with Social Services and Child Welfare Notifications

When you need help and want us to assess your situation, please contact us either by yourself or together with a professional. Your need of assistance may arise from a family crisis, exhaustion, or threatening problems with your child or teenager either at school or at home. You may also worry about substance use, violence, abuse, mental health or a gambling addiction.

Whenever the authorities or some other professional experts worry about a child’s wellbeing, they have the obligation to notify the child welfare services without delay and regardless of provisions of confidentiality. Any adult worried about a child’s situation, or the children themselves, may also file in a child welfare notification. Private persons have the right to file in a notification anonymous.

All contacts and child welfare notifications are investigated in the necessary extent, and the child’s need for clientship and child welfare services are assessed on the grounds of the investigation.

Needs Assessment

During a needs assessment, the social worker will:

  • meet the family and/or family members
  • assess what kind of support is needed
  • listen to the client and take account of their views on what kind of support they wish to receive
  • summarize the client’s situation and need of social services and special support
  • write down their conclusions of the client’s prerequisites for social welfare clientship as determined by a professional social welfare worker
  • offer immediate guidance, counselling and support

The needs assessment is used to determine whether the child or family is in need of social welfare services, child welfare services or other measures of support, and how the family will receive the support they need. The goal with the needs assessment is to find the best possible way to help the family as soon as possible.

Do the following

You may contact Social Services for Families with Children by calling their on-call and service number. We try to answer the phone on weekdays between 9 am and 3 pm.

During other hours, please contact Eastern Uusimaa Social and Crisis Emergency Services when necessary.

Basic information and legislation