Social Services for Adults

Social services for adults support grown-ups living in Sipoo on a comprehensive, versatile way. The goal is to help adults with their social well-being and ability to function and to support their independence in different turning points in their life.

Social services will help you when you are experiencing a difficult life situation and struggle to find help elsewhere. Do not hesitate to contact us if you struggle to cope, or feel exhausted. We can offer help if you for example need concrete help to be able to pay your bills or rent, or need support in your social well-being.

Social services for adults are carried out on a long-term basis and in cooperation with the client. All activities are systematic and aim to involve the inhabitants in finding ways to cope with their lives. Our basic tool is to evaluate the persons’ need of service together with them, and to derive a mode of action and a client plan based on this primary evaluation.

Do the following

You can leave a call back request on the Social Services for Adults service phone 24/7. We will call you back on weekdays during our office hours, 8 a.m.–4 p.m. Call the same number if you wish to cancel your appointment.

On call duty in the evenings and during weekends:

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