Service Coordination for the Elderly

The goal with guidance and service coordination for older people is to inform the elderly about services available for them. Services are provided both within and outside their homes.

You may take contact with the service coordination unit whenever you need information about services available for the elderly. We also answer questions about assisted accommodation, and provide help in planning follow-up treatment. The goal with guidance and service coordination is to assess and determine what kind of help the person needs, and to inform the elderly and their near ones about available services and accommodation options. All plans for follow-up care are made in a multidisciplinary group in cooperation with the client and their family members. The goal is to guarantee that the elderly receive the care they need, so that they can feel safe.

Service Coordination Office

Service coordination personnel have also an office at the Elsie residential care home. You may visit Elsie without an appointment. We will give you individual guidance and inform you about activities and services for the elderly, accommodation options and benefits granted for older people. Please visit the Elsie office also when you need help in filling in application forms, or arranging the services you need.

Health and Social Care Assessment

Clients may contact the service coordination personnel themselves, or the contact can be made by someone with whom they have a social relationship. If the issue can not be solved over the telephone, a home visit is organized to assess the person’s need of care. During a home visit, the objective is to clarify what kind of service the person wishes to receive, and to determine their physical, mental and social functional ability. The visit also includes guidance and counselling in how the person may continue to live at home safely.

Reporting an Elderly Person’s Need for Services

If you’re worried about an elderly person who might not personally be capable of applying for required support and help, please contact the Case Management Services for the Elderly during office hours. In acute situations that need immediate action outside business hours, please contact the Eastern Uusimaa Social and Crisis Emergency Services.

Anyone who is concerned about an elderly person’s situation may file in a report stating the person’s need for services.

Do the following

You may contact the case management services by phone or by email.

To whom and on what terms

All persons who are over 75 years of age or receive special-rate care allowance paid by Kela have the right to have their health and social care needs assessed within seven working days counted from the date when they took contact with the services. This deadline is applied to persons who are not yet clients at the social services, and to social services clients whose needs for health and social care have changed.

In acute situations, the need for social services is to be assessed without delay regardless of the person’s age.

Health and social care assessments are free of charge.

Basic information and legislation

Elderly people are offered guidance and counselling in the use of health care and social welfare services. The counsellors explain what services are available for elderly people at home and what services can be obtained outside the home. They provide guidance in applying for services and explain what the preconditions are for accessing them. If necessary, counselling on how one can apply for and combine different forms of financial support is also available.

Elderly people can receive counselling e.g. by phone or by visiting a service point. The service counsellors are permitted to make service-related decisions.