School Health Care

School health care services help schoolchildren and their families in all issues concerning the pupil’s health and well being.

School health care services invite each pupil to an annual check-up. In addition to these check-ups carried out on each grade, school health care services provide help in all issues concerning the pupils’ health and well being.

The vaccination schedule initiated in child health clinics continues automatically in school health services. Vaccinations are given according to the national vaccination programme. Parents are asked for their consent when vaccinations are offered to a child who is not yet capable of making a decision on the matter.

Do the following

Pupils and their guardians may contact school health care services whenever they have questions related to the pupil’s physical or mental health. Such issues may be for example questions concerning growth and development, welfare in the family or acute crisis situations.

To whom and on what terms

All pupils on grades 1–9 in comprehensive schools receive school health care services.

Payment details

Basic information and legislation

The purpose of school healthcare is to monitor the pupils’ growth and development and to promote their health and well-being. The school healthcare services are also responsible for seeing to that the school environment is healthy and safe and for supporting parents in their educational task. Health examinations are organised for each grade.

School healthcare participates in identifying a pupil’s need for special support. If a pupil has long-term illnesses or they need further tests and treatment, the school healthcare refers them to the right services. If the pupil and any person accompanying them incur costs for a journey related to school healthcare, these costs are reimbursed.