Reporting an Elderly Person’s Need for Services

If you are concerned about an elderly person’s wellbeing and their possible need of help or support, you can submit a report stating their need for services. Both private individuals and authorities worried about an elderly person’s wellbeing can submit a report.

Do the following

You may state your worry by contacting municipal Case Management Services for the Elderly during their telephone hours, or by e-mail. Please do not use e-mail to submit confidential or personal information.

In urgent cases that need immediate action outside office hours, please contact the Eastern Uusimaa Social and Crisis Emergency services.

To whom and on what terms

The Finnish Act on Supporting the Functional Capacity of the Older Population states that if a health care professional or a person employed by the social service system of the municipality, rescue services in the area, the Emergency Response Centre or the police has been informed of an older person who is obviously unable to take care of himself or herself, his or her health or safety in the future, the health care professional or employee must notify thereof the authority responsible for municipal social welfare. The notification has to be made confidentiality provisions notwithstanding.

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