Rehabilitative Work

Rehabilitative work will improve your life management and your chances of finding work. The services are directed to people who have been unemployed for a longer time.

Taking part in rehabilitative work gives you an opportunity to make your way towards the open labour market. Rehabilitative work is not an employment contract. Instead, the goal is that persons taking part in the activities learn the rules and regulations of working life, and improve their life management skills.

The length of rehabilitative work periods vary between 3 and 24 months. The length is agreed for each period separately. Usually, the persons work for 1–4 days a week, 4–6 hours a day. All clients taking part in rehabilitative work are offered a possibility to have a comprehensive health checkup.

Rehabilitative work places are arranged by municipalities. In the municipality of Sipoo, Employment Unit Risteys is responsible for organizing rehabilitative work. The activities are most often carried out in various municipal units, or in different organizations where the workers have assisting tasks.

In the municipality of Sipoo, rehabilitative work tasks are available in the following places:

  • Employment Unit Risteys
  • Services for the elderly and day care (recreational activities, assisting the residents outdoor and during meals, other tasks)
  • Food services (assisting tasks in the kitchens)
  • Cleaning services
  • Property maintenance
  • Outdoor work (maintenance of parks, forests and recreational areas, improving common areas)
  • Office work (taking copies, mailing, sorting, archiving)

Do the following

You will complete your activation plan in cooperation with a TE Office worker and a municipal officer. The plan includes an agreement on your rehabilitative work participation, and the contents of your tasks.

Make an appointment at the local TE Office, and ask about an activation plan and your chances of taking part in rehabilitative work.

To whom and on what terms

Rehabilitative work is directed to persons who have been outside the active labour market for a longer time. The goal with the activities is to improve their changes of finding work, or a place of further education.

Payment details

Basic information and legislation

Rehabilitating work activities are intended for persons who have been outside the labour market for a long time because of unemployment or some other reason. The purpose of the activities is to improve the participants’ possibilities for finding employment or a place in education or training.

Rehabilitating work activities improve the participants’ work ability and functional capacity and promote their life management and coping in daily life. The participants do not have an employment or public-service employment relationship with the organiser of the activities. A daily payment is made to the participants for the work activities. The municipality's public servants prepare an activation plan in cooperation with the participant, and its implementation is monitored.

The municipality organises these activities together with the TE Office.