Prescription Renewal

You can a request a prescription renewal at your local health care centre, at the pharmacy, or online on the My Kanta website (My Kanta Pages).

Doctors can renew you prescriptions only if they already have met you and are familiar with your health history and the medication you take. Prescriptions for your regular medication are renewed when you have your annual check-ups. This can be done either by your doctor, or via a nurse.

An electronic prescription (e-prescription) is written and signed electronically by a doctor. The prescription is then saved in a central database. You can request a renewal of your e-prescriptions at the comfort of your own home. In order to send the renewal to the health care centre, you must first sign in on the My Kanta Pages website. To do that, you will need your personal online banking codes, an electronic identity card issued by the police, or a mobile certificate.

Do the following

Prescription renewals take 8 working days. Submit your prescription for renewal at least two weeks prior to when you expect to run out of medicine. Make also sure that you have a sufficient supply of any medicine products you take regularly, also during holidays.

If you submit your telephone number together with the request, you will get a text message when your request is processed and the prescription has been renewed. You can also follow up with the process on the My Kanta Pages.

To whom and on what terms

You can request a prescription renewal when you already have purchased some of the medication prescribed.

Prescriptions that are valid for a total of two years can be renewed within 28 months from the prescription date. The renewal time for other prescriptions is 16 months.

Payment details

Basic information and legislation

Prescription renewal requests must always be submitted to the unit where the patient was treated. A doctor’s appointment may be required to renew the prescription. When renewing a prescription, the doctor must check that the medicine is compatible with any other medications used by the patient.

You can request the renewal of your prescription during a doctor’s appointment, at a pharmacy, in Kela’s My Kanta online service, or by contacting your local health and social services centre. If there are no problems with the renewal, it will be completed within eight days.