Physiotherapy is a form of medical rehabilitative therapy, that aims to enhance and/or sustain physical functionality for people of different ages. Physiotherapy also helps a clients abilities to manage and sustain his/her own strengths.

Physiotherapy is a part of primary treatments.

Consultative admission to physiotherapy is possible also without a doctor's referral.

Do the following

You can call and ask about your possibilities for physiotherapy by telephone on weekdays between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm.

It is possible to leave a message around the clock.

Basic information and legislation

Physiotherapy is medical rehabilitation with the aim of reducing pain and improving the patient’s mobility, functional capacity and work ability. In physiotherapy, a patient is interviewed and examined, which result in a clinical inference. Physiotherapy comprises guidance, advice, therapeutic exercises and manual therapy.

Physiotherapy treats cases such as musculoskeletal pains and different sports and strain injuries. The treatment puts emphasis on a patient’s personal activity.

A physiotherapist examines a patient’s posture, assesses their mobility, and aims at finding the cause of the problem. They design a training programme for the patient and instruct on how to do its physical exercises. A physiotherapist also evaluates the treatment’s progress during each visit.