Patient Ombudsman

Patient ombudsmen will advice and provide you with information about your position and rights as a patient. Patient ombudsman acts for promotion and realization of patients’ rights. Patient ombudsman will help you to clarify your problem at your place of care. When necessary, you will also be instructed and assisted in filing in a written reminder, making a complaint, or filing a notice of injury with the Patient Insurance Centre.

You may contact the patient ombudsman whenever you are dissatisfied with the treatment or service you’ve received within social and health care services, or when you need advice in determining your rights as a social and health care patient. Relatives and other persons close to the patient may also contact the patient ombudsman. Patient ombudsman may also be contacted by other persons acting on their client’s or the patient’s behalf.

Patient ombudsmen do not take a stand on decisions concerning medical treatment. Furthermore, they do not take a stand on whether the patient has a medical malpractice case. Patient ombudsman does not interpret patient documents.

Patient ombudsman services are free of charge for municipal residents. The Centre of Excellence on Social Welfare in Päijät-Häme and eastern Uusimaa Verso has an ombudsman who provides services in Sipoo. The services are directed to public health care patients in Sipoo and their near ones, health care personnel, and patients to some private service providers.

Do the following

You may contact the patient ombudsman by phone. Meetings are arranged as agreed.

Basic information and legislation

The Patient Ombudsman provides health care service clients with advice regarding their status and rights. If a patient is dissatisfied with their care or treatment, the Patient Ombudsman can help him or her file a complaint with the director responsible for their care.

The Patient Ombudsman also advises patients in situations where the conduct of a health care staff member warrants criminal or disciplinary proceedings. The Patient Ombudsman explains to the patient how the case can be initiated with the competent authority or body. The Ombudsman also helps patients claim compensation from Patient Insurance Centre.

Each healthcare unit must have a Patient Ombudsman. A Patient Ombudsman may work in several units; for example some municipalities share a Patient Ombudsman.